The Iowan Magazine

The Bob Pace Band is tearing down the house tonight. With a swagger in his step, the front man backs away from the microphone and begins a musical conversation between his guitar and his audience. The drummer, bassist, and keyboard player lay down a backbeat as Pace takes his guitar for an improvisational stroll, squeezing out searing guitar leads. (Pace)… attacks the fretboard, bending off piercing screams in response that have him up on his toes trying to eke out the high notes. With the slightest nod to his band, they come roaring back into the mix with a vengeance, raining a sea of blues down upon the room.

Standing a solid (6’4″) tall with a lean build, close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, and circular wire-rimmed glasses, Pace, (55), bears a passing resemblance to Eric Clapton, especially when he picks up a Fender Stratocaster. He grits his teeth and kicks his foot into the air as he deftly wields his guitar and commands the music. The crowd surrounding the stage cheers for more…

~ Peter Wilson, The Iowan Magazine