Charles Walton: High Praise for Gas Lamp Performance

 By Charles Walton

 The Bob Pace Band dazzled a packed house at the Gas Lamp on Saturday, Feb. 25. The band romped through originals and covers, rock and blues for 3 1/2 amazing hours. Bob Pace had assembled a different band since I saw him play in October. Keyboard player Neil Stoffregen was a revelation on Saturday. His nimble fingers plunking out solo after solo. He is an uber-talented young man with a big future.
Tom Murphy, playing with a very fresh cracked rib, hammered out some fantastic grooves and rocked a few solos as well.
Solid drummer Paul Thompson rounded out the band.
As good as his backing band is, the main attraction is always Bob Pace. Pace is a guitar legend who can do anything he wants with an axe in his hands. The man can play rightly or lefty, flat in his lap, above his head, one handed—you name it he can do it. Period.
He did all of those tricks and more on Saturday while dropping riff after riff, solo after solo, before the awestruck Gas Lamp crowd.
The band’s first set was highlighted by renditions of “Gravity” and “Walk to my Baby” as well as a brief cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and a large part of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

The second set featured the Bob Pace original “Howl at the Moon” and covers of Hendrix’s VooDoo Chile and Star Spangled Banner.

 Pace also pulled Comfort Zone’s Norm Kason on stage for vocals on one song.
 The band finished off the night with a third set that included “Rock Me  Baby”, “Waiting on a Train”, and “The Chicken.” Pace Played part of the set on Lap Steel Guitar.
The Bob Pace Band put on a fabulous show Saturday that those in attendance will not soon forget. Pace is in the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of fame for a reason. If you ever get an opportunity to see him play, do not miss it. Most of his shows are free and you will always have a good time. Check out the Bob Pace website for info on upcoming shows.